Who Am I??

Who is Lisa LeMay? Why is she baring her soul to the public masses? Why does she feel such a need to unload her private thoughts, emotions and dreams to people she has never , (and probably will never), meet? Well…

…why not?

Shrek put it best when he described ogres as having layers like an onion. It is the perfect simile! Think about it. The more layers you peel back the more it burns and brings you to uncontrollable, and often painful, tears! Eventually the tears do subside as the burning gases dissipate, which can be helped along by two things: cold water and cooking well over medium heat. (There are other things but for the sake of my ramble I will only refer to these two.)

Now, I am not yet sure what would be considered as the ‘cold water’ solution to my ‘onion gases’, but I do imagine what the ‘heated’ option may be. How best to cook something than to mull (stir) it over and over…and over…while also being under the ‘fire’ of those whom you trust enough to actually release the notorious ‘gases’ to? Let’s face it. While shared under the best intentions and encompassed by the best moments of love and understanding, release enough of these ‘gases’ and those around you do tend to turn and act out in reaction to the unexpected discomfort that is bound to occur. (It’s completely understandable.) However, after enough ‘stirring’ and ‘cooking’, the ‘gases’ do vanish and the air remains as it was before…slightly more breathable.

So what exactly am I saying? Simply put, I need to rid myself of the nasty thoughts that may lie inside my head and the best way I can think of is to write it all out. The question as to “why in public?” is simply to create that ‘heat’ I may need to rid myself of the remaining effects of those thoughts and bring new, cleaner  thoughts into my overwhelmed head. (I am telling everybody my ‘dirtiest’ secrets so I can move on.)

Please do keep in mind that these ‘secrets’ I am about to share with you may sometimes be confusing at best. Though possibly unsuitable for small ears or crazy enough to land me in the loony bin, they are my thoughts and should be respected as such. They may also make absolutely no sense at times but are still meaningful to me, and every word I write does carry an important purpose. I thank you in advance for the respect you show my ‘work’ and do look forward to some challenging banter in the process.